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Who Cleans the Queen’s Silver Teapot?



It’s not every day one gets to speak to a man who has been held under armed guard in the Tower of London, has access to enough poison to kill a large herd of elephants and who cleans the personal silver teapot of H.M. Her Majesty the Queen of England! He regularly works for major celebrities but is sworn to secrecy. Welcome to the amazing world of a fine precious metal polisher…

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with the aptly named Stephen Goldsmith and discovering more about his long road to becoming THE fellow to call when you need a gold, silver or platinum piece of jewellery, cutlery, statuary or flatware look its very, very best.

His years of training included a stint in Art College studying engraving, Silversmithing and much more to then, concurrently, go on a four year indentured apprenticeship culminating in his being made a Freeman of the City of London and of Goldsmith’s Hall.

His CV reads like a ‘Who’s Who’ – from Garrard’s the Crown Jewellers to Asprey’s to the modern jewellery designer Theo Fennel. From polishing Prince Charles & Lady Diana’s wedding presents to, years later, burnishing the inscription plate on the late Princess’s coffin.

” I don’t tell many people about that” says Stephen,” as it sounds a bit grim.”

But let’s not stop there. This is a fellow who not only restored the silver gilt wine cistern, presented to Queen Victoria in 1830 ( in the Jewellery Room in the Tower of London), but who also advises a company who manufacture gold and platinum cell phones! He has trained palace staff, army Officer’s Mess ‘Silvermen’, butlers and more on how to care for silver with regular daily courses in his workshop or a more extended 3 day course at Birmingham City University.

So what better man could there be for the Butler Bureau to have a chat with regarding the care of silver and the do’s and don’ts when polishing silver and other precious metals.

 Something every Butler and House Manager needs to know.




Original written by The Butler of the Butler Bureau


Now, as far as we’re concerned, Stephen’s web address and contact details should be in every butler’s little black book of contacts ( in the ‘I know a man who can’… section) so check out Stephen’s web site here www.goldpolishing.com

Anyone needing silver, gold or platinum pieces bought back to life too needs to contact this man.

PS: At the end of the podcast I know I said ‘garnished’ when I should have said ‘garnered’ but I was prepping food at the time!

Yes I’m a true multi-tasker!


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